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BioSante are a UK based CBD company and are extremely proud to bring compliant and pure hemp based products to the UK and worldwide market.

Biosanté CBD Oil

The CBD industry is relatively new for modern day consumers, but
hemp based products have been used for thousands of years due to the medical benefits of its chemical components.

BioSante pride themselves on being completely transparent and compliant within the UK regulations. Everything they do is built
around their customers and their potential wellbeing, from fully
insured products, to 3rd party laboratory testing of every product
batch. In a trending industry that is constantly evolving and
developing, our brand objective is to be positioned at the forefront
of this exciting era.

Their product line includes 5%, 10% and a new 20% CBD/CBG strength oil. They also produce CBD balms, CBD bath bombs, CBD beard oils and CBD massage oils. They have their own dedicated lab facility and a research and development division which is equally as busy as their production line. They are constantly listening to their customers and are always researching exciting ideas to expand the brand.

Equally important to mention is that all of their products are broad
spectrum based; this means that they do not contain any of the
cannabinoids that make them illegal in the UK. Also a very important factor is that CBD is the only cannabinoid that is not on the prohibitive list under UKAD, CBD’s use in many different professional sports is becoming more and more popular due to its many benefits with many athletes coming forward to endorse its use.

There is a lot of misinformation, confusion and pseudoscience
around CBD, but recently there have been many conclusive studies
supporting the positive benefits it can offer for consumers. One
research study published on by former Chief
Medical Officer and HelloMD founding member Dr. Perry Solomon,
found that CBD decreases inflammation when rubbed on muscles as an ointment or taken orally. This supports a similar opinion by Dr
Dani Gordon who’s recently published book ‘The CBD Bible’ is 313
pages of the most up-to-date evidence on the use of CBD for anxiety, depression, insomnia, join pain and many other health concerns. Her science-based advice supports the many benefits our products can offer to consumers.

At BioSante their priority is bringing quality premium hemp based
products to the UK market. Their ethos is ensuring their customers can be confident that all their products contain the highest level of quality CBD, and that their brand is built with them in mind.



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